Monday, January 4, 2010

Podcat Bonus Clip

Here’s a bonus clip from the “Batman: Black & White – One Year Later” podcast. I thought it’d be cool to share some of the material that was cut out for time reasons.

Topics include…
My two favorite nights of filming, the last day of shooting, Kristen’s narcolepsy, why production is the most stressful phase, sound design, the controversy of using existing music, and the limitations of Batman’s cowl.

It runs about 17 min. What can I say? We talk a lot. And by that I mean I talk a lot. Sorry. You can find the full podcast on the ‘Extras’ section of

I also just want to say thank you again to Kristen, Charlie, Renee, Harold, and Victor for taking part in this. Doing the podcast brought back so many memories not only during the recording but in the days that followed as well. I love you guys. Sincerely. The attempts to explain my gratitude are a never ending endeavor.


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